Automatic Bans for "Cookie Stuffing"

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Cookie Stuffing is when someone includes an image or any other type of multimedia in a post that doesn't point to an actual image or media, but instead points to an affiliate link.
The reason it points to an affiliate link is the image or media when rendered in the browser will attempt to fetch an image or media from the affiliate link but instead of getting an image or media back, the browser is getting affiliate cookies and data that is otherwise useless to the browser as far as that image or media is concerned.

Anyone who looks at a post with this image/media placed in it will be considered a "referral" for the person who made the post, at the place the affiliate link points to. Even though the person who is looking at the post is never actually going to the affiliate page.

Cookie Stuffers rely on browsers either rendering nothing at all when they discover there's actually no image or media at the address, or that people viewing the post will simply ignore the normal "Missing Image" icon that some browsers display when there's no valid image or media at the specified address.
In some browsers this "Missing Image" icon tends to be a Red X, in other browsers it may just be a small square with the word "Image" in it.

It's important that everyone is aware there are no security concerns for anyone browsing Ozzu because of Cookie Stuffing. Privacy concerns for it are no different than they are for viewing any other image or media in a post.
The people affected by Cookie Stuffing are Companies who compensate affiliates for referrals and Affiliates who send genuine referrals to companies.

Now with what Cookie Stuffing is and who it effects out of the way, I can get to the point.

Anyone caught Cookie Stuffing at Ozzu will have their affiliate link reported to the company the affiliate link points to so that the company can investigate the affiliate on their own.
There is no excuse for Cookie Stuffing, therefore those caught doing it at Ozzu will be banned without warning. As with any ban You can contact any Administrator or Super Moderator to appeal the ban, but chances are your excuse isn't going to be considered valid.

If you see a suspicious image in a post, feel free to copy the address/affiliate-link the image points to, then report that post by clicking the red exclamation mark in the top-right corner of that post right by where the quote post button is. Include the address/affiliate-link in your report.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Also added to ozzu rules and regulations here:


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