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is there a reason why my flash pages wouldnt load on the old ie browser that macs use? the site is http://www.ashevillepride.com.
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I've never heard of it not loading, however the flash plugin on the mac is at best buggy right now causing extremely slow run times and things that look like lag. This might provide the appearance of a swf not loading. Also this is not only true for IE but also occurs on firefox and safari. rumor has it that the mac implementation has been greatly improved in flash 8 but we'll have to wait and see.

In the mean time it seems that the less complex tweens and the less scripted movement you can do provide the best results on the mac platform
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i've also found that ie:mac is even worse with flash than safari or firefox. in one of my clients' sites, i had such trouble, i just put in a little javascript that would produce a popup if the user had ie:mac that suggested using another browser, such as safari or ff.

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