Time Saving Tips List (-- please add more)

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Please add your own tips to this Time Saving Tips List. I don't have nearly enough.

Map the Control key over the Caps Lock key
Use System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard tab -> Modifier Keys... and set your Caps Lock key to act as another control key. Then use the convenient control key position for the Emacs-like keybindings in any general text field.

    ^A (Control+A) - go to the beginning of the line.
    ^E - go to the end of the line.
    ^B - move the cursor Back one character.
    ^F - move the cursor Forward one character.
    ^N - move down to the Next line.
    ^P - move up to the Previous line.
    ^L - make the current line centered.
    ^V - page down with the cursor.

    ^K - delete ("kill") the text from the cursor to the end of the line (or if the line's blank, delete the line)
    ^Y - paste ("yank") the most recent string of killed lines.
    ^D - delete the character in front (to the 'right') of the cursor.
    ^H - delete the charater behind the cursor (but I just use the backspace key).

Misc (I never use these):
    ^T - switch the two adjacent characters.
    ^Q - the next character you press gets inserted as a literal value.
    ^O - insert a newline after the cursor.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

shift+command+3 - Take a screenshot and save it to the desktop.

shift+ctrl+command+3 - Take a screenshot and prompt the user for a save location.
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shift+command+4: take a screenshot of desiared size by making a rectangle with crosshairs.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

These are some of the keyboard shortcuts / tricks I use:

cmd-tab - cycle open programs (the switching program will stay open if you keep cmd pressed so that you can then press cmd-q to quit and cmd-h to hide)
control-eject - brings up a shut / restart / sleep option
control-delete - move a file to the trash
control-shift-delete - emptys the trash
option-click - if you hold down option and click another open application the current one open will be hidden (if used in the finder when opening applications or folders it will close the previous window)

Some of the go short-cuts are pretty useful:

cmd-shift-H - go to your home folder ~
cmd-shift-A - go to the applications folder /applications
cmd-shift-U - go to the utilities foloder /applications/utilities

cmd-~ - in many programs (not all) cycles windows

option-command-d - hide / show dock is always useful for apps that don't like the dock

Adding to the screen shots:
cmd-control-shift-3 - take screen shot and save to the clipboard (like print screen pc style)
cmd-shift-4 - to make a selection to take a sceenshot of, if you hold control while making the selection it'll save it to the clipboard

option-cmd-esc - can come in handy.. force quit (think alt-control-del)
control-cmd-eject - quit all apps and restart

... there's lots of 'em.

Here's a pretty good list:
http://homepage.mac.com/frakes/MOSXPT/c ... board.html

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