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This is what I know so far about the MSN Search. Search Engine Optimisers and webmasters have been praising the search results because for them MSN ranks their web site well. These people are using SEO techniques such as “link text” from many pages where Google have started filtering them out.

So without bias I ask you all to comment on the MSN search results. These are the pros and cons so far:

1. Compared to the old MSN search many random doorway pages are filtered
2. The number one spot for many key words are often better than Google!

1. Its too easy to spam using repetitive keywords on page.
2. Inbound links from mass pages all on a non unique Class C IP address have too much power.
3. MSN Search seems to index less pages from some sites.
4. Pages linking from a Query String page only are not indexed.
5. DHTML menus not indexed (Same as Google)
6. (Opinionated) Blogs and forums are ranked above authority sites.
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I noticed that MSN had me with about 150 backlinks and Google has me at 2. I'm thinking MSN is catering to those who can't break the Google ranks and are hoping to gain better results in MSN.
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I have achieved rank #1 in MSN, my site appears as sponsors link in one forum and i used my keyword as signature tag...

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Any problem in Google Kashyap?
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The things I like about MSN are:

1/ Doorway page filters
2/ Constant spidering of sites
3/ Fast indexing of sites

1/ To easy to get top positioning through repetitive keywords
2/ No added points for being an authority site
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thnaks for the information
there is a prblem wiyh search engines,
some sites that rank well in one search engine maynot so wel i another.

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