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All 7 templates in this section were created by our web designer Bora. Are you someone who regularly sets up new websites in a variety of niches? Do you need to see the newest magento themes as soon as they're available? This is the category you're looking for, this category has all of the newest and greatest magento themes for all categories in one convenient place! Our Magento themes are built for the Magento eCommerce engine which is an open source system with numerous online shop maintenance capabilities. The Magento eCommerce platform is an open source eCommerce web application that was launched in March of 2008 and reached 450,000 downloads by September of 2008, making it the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the Internet. Our Last Added Magento templates provides lots of useful features including site management, marketing and promotion tools, international support, useful payment options, checkout and shipping features, and customer service features. With any of our Magento templates you can control every facet of your store from merchandising to promotions, and much more. Magento has built in SEO features which will attract and convert more qualified customers. Our Magento designs have many other additional features, but some really interesting ones is the fact that Magento is integrated with Google Analytics, has RSS feeds for new orders, faceted navigation for filtering of products, breadcrumbs, product reviews, multiple images with zoom capability, related products, multi-tier pricing up-sell, wishlists, send to a friend with email, batch import and export of catalog, and batch updates to products in admin panel. Magento requires web hosting to support both PHP 5.2.0+ and MySQL 4.1.20+, and is supported on 32 bit and 64 bit Linux operating systems with Apache 1.3.x, Apache 2.0.x, or Apache 2.2.x web servers.
Template 43810 Thumbnail
  • Template: 43810
  • Price: $179.00
Template 42876 Thumbnail
  • Template: 42876
  • Price: $179.00
Template 40717 Thumbnail
  • Template: 40717
  • Price: $179.00
Template 38013 Thumbnail
  • Template: 38013
  • Price: $179.00
Template 37730 Thumbnail
  • Template: 37730
  • Price: $179.00
Template 37341 Thumbnail
  • Template: 37341
  • Price: $179.00
Template 36918 Thumbnail
  • Template: 36918
  • Price: $179.00

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