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Furnitex Furniture Flash Template 25883

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Flash Template 25883 is specifically a XML Flash Site Template that was composed by our webmaster artist Delta.

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Sources, Software & Requirements

Furnitex Furniture Flash Template 25883 has a width of 980 pixels and is available in the following sources: .SWF, .HTML, .PSD, .FLA, and .XML. Software required includes Winzip 9+ (Windows) or Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac) for uncompressing .zip files, Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web), Adobe Photoshop CS+, and Adobe Flash 8+. It has had a total of total of 6 downloads since it first appeared.

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  • David
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I would like to know where the instructions are for the working files?
We have not used xml before and we are not sure where to start.

I have bought many templates in the past which claim to be easy
but they are not without some instruction etc.

I have a ton of clients that are needing websites and since flash
and action script is out of my league, we are trying your stuff here.

Would you be willing to send us a crappy template that you could sacrifice
for the sake of learning and teaching us how to edit an xml file. I just cannot afford to keep buying and buying
and then realizing that we cannot open and edit the files without a 3rd party.

We live in a very small town where the only sites are like basic because no person here knows how to use flash
from scratch. Please help us here and I will buy my sites for my clients from you instead of wix.com
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Typically you will get the link to all of the tutorials in your template download e-mail. I went ahead and e-mailed that link to you.

I am not promising anything to be easy too, as I feel that is a relative term. What could be really easy to me, may be really difficult for someone else. The good news though is we have sample templates that you can download for free and play around with to see if our products are right for you. Here is the link to our sample XML flash template.

Hopefully that helps!
  • David
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Ok thanks for the links!

They are not what we need here..............

Here is my problem, I open the xml file and cannot find a way to adjust the with and height of the site anywhere at all which is the biggest problem I have with these sites.
I like the dynamic xml style which have wider backgrounds etc. Your sites are appearing in the browser as 5" wide and they do not get accepted any longer as a good size website.

I know I must be missing something when i cannot find a place in the xml file to edit the size of the movie overall. You have some "smoking sites" and we want to use some, but not if their size
is approx 5" wide by whatever length. I need a way to make the sites 1250 wide approx or even wider with editable content. Please tell us how to do it without using wix.


Why are all your websites showing so narrow in the browser windows............. is it me or is it the default size of your templates.
Where do we adjust the with and height in your xml files.

Also, sending us to your help resource is not the way to go with us here as we need specific information regarding your service and no other at this time. (If this is alright with you of course!)

sample of my website: eugenelambdesign.com
The site above is an example of the width that we are selling here and I am looking for a way to use you sites in this manner. (xml sites only)

David Johnson
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Hi David,

Different templates on our website have different widths and heights by default. Whatever the default is, you are always welcome to modify them to whatever you like. However, the difficulty of that depends on your skill level at working with web design and in your case Flash. While our Flash XML websites allow you to change certain features of our templates in the XML files, if you need to do alot of customization you will likely need to edit the source .fla file directly. The source files are also included, but if you are unfamiliar on how to edit those with Adobe Flash then that could be really difficult for you.

The instructions I sent you contain all sorts of resources and information specific to our templates on how to do basic edits. Anything advanced will require you to do it yourself or hire someone to help you.

This particular template 25883 fills a width of 980 pixels. We do have templates that already fill a larger area, and we also have a couple Stretch XML Flash templates. Typically you will find that our newer templates fill a bigger part of the screen as compared to our older templates.

I am not sure what you mean about why all of our websites are showing so narrow in the browser windows? Can you give me an example of a few templates here that are like that?

Your sample website that you provided is a stretching website which expands to fill any width for a browser. Most of our templates are fixed width, with a few exceptions like on the link I provided you above.

Of course you are welcome to modify any of our templates changing the widths to whatever you like, however, the difficult of that could be anywhere from easy to hard depending on how much you knowledge you have with web design.

Questions? Comments? Leave us your thoughts!

Flash Template 25883
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