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Spice Store osCommerce Template 19754

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osCommerce Template 19754 is specifically a osCommerce 2.2 RC2a Template that was composed by our webmaster artist Delta.

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Description, Sources, Software & Requirements

This OSCommerce spice store template has a diagonal line pattern gray background with a white content area centered over it, an over-all light dinner plate like theme, and uses mostly white, shades of gray, tan, orange, red, and black. The content area has a thick white border around it with a drop-shadow all around. The header of the template has a gradient gray background with multi-colored gray rings around a white plate in the center with various spices on it. To the left there is a simple "Spice Store" logo with white text and a red icon used as the dot above the i. In the top-left corner there is a set of language selection flag icons. Next there is a gradient dark orange navbar with white links pointing to Home Page, New Products, Specials, My Account, and Contact Us. The content section of the template is split into two main columns, a thin sidebar on the left and a wider featured products column on the right side. The top of the sidebar has a light pink background behind a shopping cart status area which uses bold black text and a red shopping cart icon. The next block is a category listing that has a bold black title with a red pepper icon beside it, a white background, and underlined red category links with red list item bullet icons. Next there is a block with a very light tan background and containing a currency exchange drop-down. After this there is a specials block that has a bold black title, a small thumbnail image on top followed by bold black description text and black/blue price text on the bottom. Finishing off the sidebar there is a light tan block containing a manufacturers drop-down which includes a list of manufacturers. The right column has a tall light tan title bar with a bold black title and a red pepper icon beside it. The featured products grid has a solid white background and each cell in the two by three grid has a white background with a light gray title bar, bold black title text, a small thumbnail image on the left, and to the right there is a medium blue-gray description title followed by light gray description text that below it has some bold black price text beside a set of orange and blue details and cart buttons. Some of the items this template might be used to display include international spices, cinnamon, mint leaves, basil, paprika, sea salt, cracked pepper corns, spice racks, pepper grinders, tartar, mustard, and various other spicy items. The footer has a dark tan background with Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard logos on the left and white text and links on the right. Spice Store osCommerce Template 19754 is available in the following sources: .PSD, and .PHP. Software required includes Winzip 9+ (Windows) or Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac) for uncompressing .zip files, Adobe Photoshop CS+, Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or any php-editor), Apache Only (on Unix/Freebsd/Linux/Windows), and Hosting with PHP5x and MySQL5x. It has had a total of total of 4 downloads since it first appeared.

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osCommerce Template 19754
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