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Stock Music Mega Pack

Our stock music mega packs includes 15 professional high quality music tracks, 25 loops, 25 jingles, and over 500 sound effects! A full music track is a complete music composition that is up to two minutes in length with a creative track structure. Loops are the performance samples that are optimized to sound perfectly in the case that audio files are being played over and over. With the loops it would sound like the music is endless as it repeats seamlessly. Jingles are the short catchy musical samples used to grab the audience's attention and they last anywhere from two to five seconds. Typically you hear these on the radio to make you pay attention or in advertising. Finally the sound effects are slightly similiar to the jingles except the effects a usually shorter in length and are better suited for background sounds such as a menu rollover, clicking sounds, etc. Overall these stock music packs include many different types of audio components that you can use with your work, such as Flash content.
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