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Do you have a hobby or craft that you love so much that you want to share with the world? These hobby virtuemart templates are perfect for those who have an interest in a subject that is done in their spare time. Whether your hobby is collecting an item, playing games, roaming around in the outdoors, creating art, molding models, cooking delicous foods, gardening, reading, or playing sports. It doesn't matter, but you if you want to share it with the world you want to check out our hobby virtuemart templates. Our VirtueMart Templates are Joomla based templates created specifically for enabling you to run a shopping cart on your website. These templates were created to give you the most functional and convenient environment for maximum e-commerce performance. VirtueMart is a free open source e-commerce extension of Joomla CMS (content management system) developed in PHP and implemented with MySQL. The VirtueMart plug-in supports an unlimited number of products and categories, sale of downloadable products, catalog mode, use of a variety of different payment methods, multiple prices for a single product, and much more. Joomla is normally known for its awesome capabilities in content management and combined with VirtueMart you not only get a great CMS backend, but the functionality of an online store as well.
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  • Template: 61130
  • Price: $139.00
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  • Template: 55747
  • Price: $139.00
Template 52723 Thumbnail
  • Template: 52723
  • Price: $139.00
Template 51795 Thumbnail
  • Template: 51795
  • Price: $139.00
Template 50694 Thumbnail
  • Template: 50694
  • Price: $139.00
Template 47633 Thumbnail
  • Template: 47633
  • Price: $139.00
Template 44587 Thumbnail
  • Template: 44587
  • Price: $139.00
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  • Template: 32265
  • Price: $139.00

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