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Last Chance Website Template 35066 has a width of 1920 pixels and is available in the following sources: .HTML, and .PSD. Software required includes Winzip 9+ (Windows) or Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac) for uncompressing .zip files, Adobe Dreamweaver 8+, and Adobe Photoshop CS+. It has had a total of total of 9 downloads since it first appeared. Please click on the template pages links above to see screenshots from other pages of this template.

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  • ali
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good afternoon
i am a singer and
i was going to buy Template 35066
i had some question regarding this template
i was wondering if i could change:
1-the name of pages
2- the picture on main page or othe pages
also if i could
1- and my facebook , google + icon and links to the templates
2 - be able to update my photoes and other news regulary

with the same cost$ 64 otherwise how much will cost fpr me to have this.

ali erfani
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Hi Ali!

Yes, you are absolutely welcome to change the name of the pages, the pictures on the main page or any other pages, any text, or any other content. You are also welcome to add additional content such as Facebook and Google+ icons, or links to any other page you want. You can update photos and news as often as you want. Keep in mind that this template does not include any sort of admin area. It just includes the HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, etc to complete the page. To make changes to any of the pages would require you to use an editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or if you know HTML you could use a simple notepad. You could probably use another WYSIWYG editor as well if you have a preference, but all of our tutorials use Adobe Dreamweaver.

Basically to sum things up, you are more than welcome to customize this template as much as you want, changing pictures, titles, text, images, adding new items, and anything you can imagine. The main limitation is you experience at working with web pages.

If you have little to no experience this could be difficult for you, but we do have tutorials to help walk you through the process. Alternatively, during your checkout you will see some other options at an additional charge if you want someone to do some of the work for you.

I hope this helps!

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Website Template 35066
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