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Heavy machinery, industrial waste, nuclear power, coal power, natural gas and oil drilling, deep sea oil rigs, and freighter drydocks are a few of the subjects these Industrial website templates are used for. Contractors, riggers, drillers, business moguls, and industrialists are using these Industrial website templates to build their websites and you can too. Break ground today and put these templates to work for you! Our collection of industrial templates in this area all integrated with the PRO Framework which is a simple HTML5 and CSS3 based platform that consolidates different functionalities and coding options to enable rapid website development. These themes are built for both experts and novices alike allowing you to easily generate page layouts, configure typography styles, and install and change new website sections including sliders and portfolios. All of this can be done without writing a single line of code. Included in the PRO Framework is access to numerous CSS3 effects, bonus pages, a pack of stock images, different website layout options, multifunctional plugins, and many interactive elements including carousels and accordions. These PRO industrial themes have been tested for cross-browser support and include clear documentation.
Template 41291 Thumbnail
  • Template: 41291
  • Price: $75.00
Template 40456 Thumbnail
  • Template: 40456
  • Price: $75.00
Template 39969 Thumbnail
  • Template: 39969
  • Price: $75.00
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  • Template: 39678
  • Price: $75.00

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