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Dating Agency Website Template 15976

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Website Template 15976 is specifically a Static Full Site Website Template that was composed by our webmaster artist Lovely.
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Sources, Software & Requirements

Dating Agency Website Template 15976 is available in the following sources: .HTML, and .PSD. Software required includes Winzip 9+ (Windows) or Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac) for uncompressing .zip files, Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or Microsoft Expression Web), and Adobe Photoshop CS+. It has had a total of total of 5 downloads since it first appeared. Please click on the template pages links above to see screenshots from other pages of this template.

Other Comments on Template 15976

  • Wesley
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To whom it may concern in technical support:

I am asking to buy a dating site and want to see your demo email to me because I can't seem to be able to view the features of your demo or get it to work. I also request some major customizing at which seem to be the major focus point of our problem.

1- I want to see the different site you sell and also let you know how I want the contest it is the same format as of the dating site.
2- The only different is when a contestant signs up for the contest they will put what their material will be in the form of pictures or videos.
3- The category, and will make sure the contestant understand to follow all the rules and that their material all the subject is over the age of eighteen, and gave their permission to the contestant.
4- Once that is settled they the contest program will put their entry in the right category.
5- Then it will let members view and vote on the entry and each day show who has the most votes
6- It will show under each entry how many votes it received
7- It will have a point system that will be discuss later
8- And it will have entry number for each entry.

Now the dating site I want it to features that are different than other sites to make my site different from the rest of the other sites:

1- I will have to be able to do all the inmate stuff because they don't have access to the internet
2- Like speed dating party features
3- Instance messaging to cell phone and email
4- Mobile dating
5- Different categories that might to have different domain name but will be on the same site. All members will have access to contest and the rest of the site if they choose too.
6- Chat rooms
7- Have some way members can be by other members and other people gifts.

With some of these categories and feature if you can't do it or it cost too much I will delay on them at a future date. I would like to have where I can charge other companies a fee to advertise on my site. That way I might be able to keep the cost down for my members.

When it comes to the categories for the contest, chat rooms, speed dating, parties and dating site these are some of the categories I want:

1- Young man or woman want older man and woman
2- Older man and woman want young man and woman
3- Speed dating parties for members free and non-members a fee to use this feature until they become a member.

I believe that explain what I want and how I believe what you can use that you already have to make this work. I hope you get the point then. I need hosting and the different rates.

What I need the most to have you itemize the cost of each customization, the dating site, and send your demo. I would like this information by August 08, 2008.

Thank you very much in advance.

  • Bigwebmaster
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Hi Wesley,

Thank you for the long explanation on what you are looking for. Unfortunately we do not do these sorts of customizations. I would recommend that you try and find a local programmer/web designer or see if you can find a freelancer to do these sort of items for you.

Our templates do still serve as a good starting point with the look and feel that you may be after for your website. It could probably save you alot of money starting with that and then finding someone to further customize it down to your exact needs.

I wish I could be of more help, but hopefully that gets you going in the right direction!

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Website Template 15976
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