Alias Maya question.

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know maya isn't one of the programs listed here, but I figured this would be the closest forum here.

It's a real basic question, so if anyone has some maya knowledge and has some insight i'd appreciate it -

How come sometimes when I rotate objects it seems to distort the object/scale it?

It only happens sometimes and other times it dosent, so there must be something i'm doing/not doing right.

It seems to happen most when i have things grouped. For example, I have a head parent with child eyes, nose, and eyebrows. I go to select the head parent, and when I rotate it, everything rotates, but it also distorts.

Anyone know why this might be hapening?
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I don't use Maya, personally, but in 3D Studio MAX you can run into similar problems when you're selecting sub-objects (points, polygons, faces), rather than whole objects, at one time. There are also different methods of transformations (i.e. groups of objects all transform in respect to their own relative coordinate perspective).

The only person I know of on Ozzu that has some experience with Maya is Axe.

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