Art vertex by vertex ;)

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So, I decided that I'd give Wings 3D a good playing with...

I've been messing with it for maybe 2-3hrs or so now. I decided to dive right in at the deep end and start modelling a head.

Here's what I came up with after about 15-20mins.


As you can see, far from perfect, but it's easy to guess what it is. Next up is the mouth, along with some tweaking of the eyes, to round them up a little bit and get them facing forward a bit more.


I've honestly no idea what I'm going to do once I get to the hair, so my first guy is probably going to be bald :)

So, I'm about done for the night with this guy. All the lines are starting to give me a headache :)
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Careful - it's addicting!

Seriously though, I'm not familiar with Wings 3D. Is this spline modeling, or do you have NURBS available to you?

The hair is always a hard bit, unless you go for the solid plastic look, or something really cartoony.

I'm also intersted to see what you can do as far as animating the character. Is it a morph-target system for animation?

(yeah, I could go look it up :oops: )
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Looks like the fish dude from Hellboy...

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