Boxes and Lines on an Image

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How do you guys create such boxes and lines on an Image using photoshop as shown in the screenshot below?


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This is just one way here ... shop/33455

You could probably also use the mosaic filter

There's a few easy to follow suggestions here ... rns_o.html
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In Photoshop create a new layer first and then click on the Rectangle Tool in the Palette (alternatively press U on keyboard) and change the your colour to whatever colour you'd like it to be. You then need to create the box to the size and shape you'd like. By pressing Shift when creating the box it will be an exact square.

Make sure that before you do the next step you have the box layer selected. Once you've created the box click on "Layer" and hover over "Layer Style" and then click on "Blending Options". Once in there you can change the opacity for the selected layer to whatever you'd like under the "General Blending" section. Make sure Preview is selected so you can see how the layer looks on your background.

With regards to the lines? i'd usually just click where the "Rectangle Marquee" is (by default on most Photoshop version). Make sure you click on that and hold the mouse button down so you can see all the options on the palette. There should be an option called "Single Row Marquee Tool" (mousover will give you tool names). This tool will just allow you to select a row at a time.

I'm not entirely sure what your level of Photoshop is and i may have missed a few bits out here, i sort of rushed this. Please let me know as soon as you can if you have any problems with the information here. Also, which version of Photoshop are you using here?

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