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Buisness card

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Hey guys! my dad works at a motorcycle shop in NH and he and i are good friends with his boss and i found out that the buisness card that someone created has some typos n stuff like wrong address

so he saw my work and let me design a new one i was wondering witch one is better

Number 1


Number 2

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Number 2 is my pick, for several reasons:
1. It looks more professional
2. it is WAY more readable
3. It's not so chaotic.

I've done some business card design in the past and I can give a few pointers:
Simplicity is key. Backgrounds are nice, but too much and they distract from the information on the card, and the information on the card is the MOST important thing on it.
If you want to be flashy, and make the card stand out, there are other ways to do it without detracting from the readability. Try finding a printer that will do embossed lettering, or foil printing, or even translucent cards.

Continuing with the simplicity theme, try to use a serif font. San-serif fonts, though they look cool, are not as readable as serif fonts. If you must go with a stylized font, make sure it is simple and readable. Old English style fonts are a no-no. They're great for game logos, but if you are trying to make sure someone remembers your company name, they should be able to read it :)

Now on to the reasons I like the second card over the first card:
1. The company name stands out. RJ's. It's right in the center, big and easy to read. I didn't necessarily read the "Motorsport" part on the first go, but that doesn't really matter. I remember RJ's and I can look it up in the phone book if I need to.
2. The other information follows a logical flow, and even though you used a san-serif font, you picked a readable one.
3. Background. The first card was hard to read and confusing, all because of the background. The second card had a background that adds an edge to the card without overwelming the actual information.

anyway, good job on the second one, and hope this helps.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I think ScienceOfSpock gave a great critique for you, I agree on all accounts except for the typeface comment.

Sans Serif typefaces if used correctly in variation and size can be just as readable as Serifs. I admit, for my resume, letterhead and business card I do use a Serif typeface - but only because it works with my layout and logo.

Typefaces are tricky in general - each has a certain personality or identity, if you will, which represents the subject matter which it reinforces. I sometimes find myself scouring my own fonts or searching for new ones for hours depending on the project and style being implied so I can find the right match....

For this case, the typefaces (or fonts) you should use should reflect the company itself. Never design things simply to garnish - have a reason for everything you do.

Otherwise, I'd say the above critique was right on.
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I think the second example is your best bet. I do think you should make the background lighter so that the black type stands out more. It's kind of difficult to read and I know this might be a lil nit picky but darkin the shadow and bring it in just a bit.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Although I think all the points where well covered, I would go for the second one as well.

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