Can digital art be considered gallery art?

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I'm a graphic designer by trade and owner of site Hollywood Movie Wallpaper, and of the galleries that I've gone to, the digital art displays seem to get less attention than, say, an oil painting of a rock. I feel that just as much effort, technique and talent is necessary to produce high-quality digital art as mainstream art, so shouldn't it get as much attention?
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I am a traditional artist as well as digital. Still, I have to say that although just as much creativity goes into a digital piece as one might put into an oil painting, the skill level of doing an oil is higher than that of applying a filter to create visual effects. Anytime you remove or lessen the difficulty of something, it's going to be valued less, as a skill. With that being said, I have seen digital/printed graphic art in galleries befor.
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I've had discussions on that point with my brother. He draws a lot and I'm more into the digital art. Everytime I show him a piece of digital art, his first question is: "How long did it took you to make that?"

It takes the same creativity to make both kind of arts, but digital art is easier to make. It takes less time, you can always delete parts, redo things and such.

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