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Hey everyone, been a while since posting.
At work, I decided to download the Adobe Fireworks CS4 a go... wow, whopping 445mb download for the trial!. The trial of MX was a mere 93mb.

the performance within CS4 is terrible! This is on a 2gb Ram pentium 4 work machine. Its slow, always thinking about what its doing and I dont see a whole lot of difference.

I use CS3 at home and it runs like a breeze, full interoperability within the CS3 products (as CS4 would) and it works fine with the apps which I use ( Most of the CS3 suite)

Anyone else noticed this with the rest of the applications within CS4?
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I'm still using Fireworks 8; I might not upgrade now if this truly is a problem.
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Its strange all of CS4 is very very fast on my mac (osx 10.5) and my home vista machine. However, on XP SP3 I've seen it lag quite a bit, esp apps that shouldn't be so resource intensive like Bridge. Now the funny thing is that both the xp machine and the vista machine have very similar specs. So maybe there's something very optimized for part of vista like DX10...

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