Firework - Make 'M' more curve and nice smooth shape

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I am a terribly newbie here and I have started learning to use Firework. I have been struggling to make 'M' to be more curvy and point.

I have done it in paint and it didn't look very good so I am hoping someone can help to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

You will see two bumpy curve so how to make them very smooth like a baby's bum?

Thank in advance


:oops: :oops:
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There is a tut for this, at Tutorialized but I cant remember what its named.

Its hard to find, but its out there... somewhere!
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it depends...

if you want, save the fireworks file and post it..

i will be able to have a look at it (pm me it or whatever)

my guess is ur using vectors, and you dont have the antialaising ticked.

or, you used vectors, and you want it more curvey.

until i know what u used to make it, i can't help :P
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Well, as nucleo will want to use vectors. Search for tutorials using fireworks, or even try the built-in help to learn how the tools work.

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