How good are you at matching colors ?

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I stumbled on a nifty little game today. It's worth 2 minutes to see how good you are at matching colors.

I got 4 out of 5 on a difficulty of 5.
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You know- I used to work for a company that built Architectural models- not computer models but real life scale models out of plexi-glass and styrene plastic. It was a cool job we built huge models that were incredibly detailed costing well into 6 figures. anyway-we would paint the models with an airbrush and we had a really talented paint guy- he would get a paint sample from a designer and match it exactly! then two weeks later the designer would come by to review the work and swear the color was wrong. The paint guy would pull the sample and the designers would sometime still think it didnt match(typically just because of the effect of it being on a 3 dimensional object not on a flat piece of paper).
i said all that to say this- I learned that most people - even people who's careers depend on it- have a very difficult time recalling a color from memory... so i found this game interesting! cool post.

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