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Big Resources' all access subscription based stock photo collection

Digital Camera Mag
A British magazine devoted to photography... A forum included to help you get better photos and help with image manipulation

Corbis Photography and Art
A huge selection of photography and art prints. Some free stock most subcription based. Submitted by 'Thee Gandalf'

1000 Pictures
Small selection of catogorised photos. (submitted by: KWJams)

Loads of stock photos

Free Images
Ditto to the above

Deviant Art
A hub of a million arty resources, my first stepping stone for anything.
Textures, tutorials and models.

This link appears to be down. I will keep it here for a while just to be sure.

Chunky Graphics
Free Stock Images.

Free Images
Loads of stock photography.

Free Photo
Free stock Photos, 50 sections and 1600 sub-headings. (submitted by: KWJams)

Image After
Free stock Photos and textures.

Images of the World
Poorly designed site, but some specific images if you are after them.

Inertia aka http://WWW.SXC.HU
Without a doubt one of the best sites you'll find for free stock photos. Check it out now.

I Stock Photo
40,000 Royalty free iamges (Submitted by: KWJams)

Media Photo
Click the American Flag for the English translation, large res free images here.

Mayangs Textures
Even more textures to play with in you art program of choice.

Planet Images
Some fantastic and super large planetary imaging
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quite and intesting list there
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I'll have to take a look at some of those... although I don't see any links, apart from the one to

Would be good if links could be added, unless these are all linked to elsewhere? Don't fancy googling them all :shock: :)

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Hi. I'm in need of diamond tile graphics. Basically what those are is 64*128s in the shape of diamonds.

They fit together to make a 3D looking landscape like in the following :

Simcity 2000
Simcity 3000
Age of empires II

Many chatrooms also use then like:

Habbo Hotel (www. .com)
Cokemusic (
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nice list, should have links there for easy access


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