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Hello and greetings. First I would like to thank you all in advance for your time. And now to the question.

I am building a site using CS2 and ImageReady for the first time. Before I ask the question I will show you an image of what I am working on.

If you look, you can see that it has tabs and all that good stuff. What I want to happen is when you mouse over or click the text "home", one of the tabs will appear. I have already made a rollover for the text, I just cant seem to get the tab to appear.

My second question is...How do I convert what I am working with to html so I can put it on the web?

Again I thank you all for your time in advance. I have searched the programs help feature and turned up nothing.
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In ImageReady you can slice the image up into slices the sizes you want ... then by right-clicking on a slice in the right hand menu you can say "add rollover state", and then from there you canmake a new layer visible etc, until you click on another slice ... then the rollover state is created ... After that you can go "File>Save optimised As> HTML and Images" and there you have an HTML file ... please note that this is then created in tables and not pure html/css ...
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Try'll see how easy it is. :D

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