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Have you ever wanted to participate in the development of a video game? Wished you could have contributed in some form or way, and to be recognized for your efforts? Well, here's an opportunity for you!

I'm seeking concept artists for a non-profit RPG video game project that I'm working on. There are no specific requirements for joining the development team other than: you must enjoy drawing, being creative and using your imagination to help us create life from a sketchpad, or tablet, or rock, or whatever kind of object you like to draw on! (Preferably paper, or Photoshop)

A slight bit of the game's background:
Set in a fantasy world where factions wage war against each other for dominance and supreme power; a lone warrior is forced to rise above the conflict, unite the people and defend the lands against an impending doom force that has began terrorizing the lands. Only time will tell if the hero is too late, and the world cannot be saved...

For those of you with some technical questions, here's a FAQ:

1) What experience do I have?
A: I've been programming for quite some time now. I'm fluent in Microsoft's .NET languages (VisualBasic, C# [C-Sharp], .ASP, .ASPX), C++, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP. I'm also fluent with database administration(MySQL, MSSQL), and network engineering.

I'm also a process analyst and I have a lot of experience as a project manager from my day-to-day job. What I offer to the team is a programmer, a web architect, systems engineer, a project co-ordinator, and resources that would otherwise be hard to come by. In other words: I'm lacking in the art department (extremely!) Which is where you come in! :)

2) How do you plan on making this "game"?
A: Initially, I was going to program an engine from the ground up utilizing C# and XNA. Then my attention turned to the CryEngine 3 platform, which is a completely free development kit for non-profit indie development. This is what we are. With the CryEngine 3, we can immediately begin developing the game and skip out on the difficult, and time consuming tasks such as writing the physics, level editor, etc. Best of all, it has a set of powerful tools to do much a lot of the work for us.

3) Do you have a website?
A: Its currently under development. I'd really like to get some artwork going before getting a website up, so that we can have some ideas to showcase and also to go along with the storyline when we get there. I'll need your help with concept art should you choose to volunteer!
4) Ok, so I'm interested. Now what?
A: Firstly, all the art you produce for us, you will be credited for both on our website, and in-game. Secondly, you'll have to give us full permission to use your art work that you donate to the project. This is because we may use it on our website, in our game, for advertisements, etc.
To join the team, or if you have more questions, simply reply here and I'll get back to you.

If you are really interested and would like to begin right away (because your as excited as we are to be working on this game!) you can shoot me an email and we'll talk about what we'd like to see for the game:

Email: Jordan[dot]Gonzales[at]mambug[dot]com
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I will do it with some conditions:

1. I will retain copyrights of my images with an option for you to purchase based on the success of the game.

2. Full credit on current game and future games and or versions based on my character concepts.

3. Royalties from future projects using or based on my concepts.
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I work all under creative commons

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