I luv Terragen! New wallpaper, anyone?

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Your critique seems more harsh than constructive. I happen to like it, and I am sure that a lot of people just starting to use it probably could not come up with better.

Of course you may be the exception.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Just ignore him, that's the typical individual who cannot make it any better himself. Sure the criticism was constructive, but he could have supplied sources that "were better" or whatever he thought at the moment.

I'm an Artist at heart and have been working with graphics since the first Corel Paint came out, ATNO's samples are truly cool in my opinion.
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Vladdrac and SymLink -- Thank you. Glad you both like my image, but I took no offense at the criticism, whatsover. Having learned what I have learned about the program -- his points were spot on. I could clearly see everything he was talking about, and appreciated the feedback, and will practice on improving my deficiencies with the program. There's no doubt in my mind that this gentleman knows what he's talking about and I'd certainly love to see some of his work. I have no doubt that it far surpasses mine.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

it seemed like a very harsh critisism...
I would like to see him back it up with some of his own work
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ANTO/TW: Thanks for taking my comment the way it was ment to be taken. Looking back on it i did phrase it a bit harsh, but was flawed for words at the time.

You can sift through my deviant art account if you would like, i have a few of my terragen renders in there.


If you would like to see some amazing terragen and photoshop work i think you might want to check out a few more names i can give you at deviant art.

http://alyn.deviantart.com/ <- The way he incorperates space into terragen is amazing, and he is only 16 years old.
http://kube.deviantart.com/ <- Just open your mouth and drool.
http://heidorn.deviantart.com/ <- More space/terra

Here is the terragen only part of *alyn's site
http://www.justalyn.co.uk/gallery/thumb ... hp?album=8
http://www.justalyn.co.uk/gallery/thumb ... p?album=13

I havent worked in Terragen in a while myself, so what is in my gallery at dA is really all i got. Right now i am focusing on MAX.

Overall its a simple program that turns out amazing results. All it takes is a little time to play around with it.

If you want some help on how to add the mist i might be able to help, i think i got an idea on how to do it. Let me know and i would be glad to PM you the info 8)

@Those of you who disliked my comment: I am sorry if i offended any of you, as i am twoards ANTO/TW, but if you knew the program i belive you would understand what i was talking about in how to better it.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

i like it alot its very cool i even put it as wallpaper

it looks very cool , u made a very good job ATNO/TW

I would love to use the same brogram .... it must be cool and fun GREAT JOB

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