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// moderator edit: your images were too large to display so I changed them to an link

EDIT: 3dsmax now also suported.
Please post here if you join, ... forum&f=20
The first image of my 3D engine for my new game.
As you can see it isn't the best map in the world at all.
The graphics can be very nice if there is a good map.
Also the textures are mipmapped and I'm now working on the shadow's and reflections.

Since it isnt a good map I wondered of any of you guys was willing to make a good map for it to see how it will look.
You will ofcourse get in the credit's list :).

I'll now explain how to mkae the maps (it's fairly simple).
You can make the maps with MilkShape 3D.
This is MilkShape 3D, looks like 3dsmax... ... crosse.jpg
You can also model things in it.. if you want to model weapons or vechicles hat's ok then you can also help just email me.
Next, you made a good map in this program,
then you save it as milkshape 3d file and email it to me,
Then I'll convert it with a conversion program I made, so that it works with the 3D engine.

With some good maps this 3D engine will look good.
After the map I need characters, weapons, vechicles etc.. but that's for later.

NOTE: You can make the map the way you like.. you can insert all objects you like it will always work. But don't insert animations... not yet.

Thank's in advance for helping me with my project,
- Myth,

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