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This is a postcard size flyer I'm working on. I'm still in the process of designing it. Also I'm am still working on the domain and phone numbers of my company so I will change in accordance when i finalize that info. Just looking for some more opinions from variety of different people.(Business owners) I plan plan of direct marketing this to mainly small companies/ Higher end home owners in the Washington Dc metro area. Thanks for the help in advance!!

Could you please tell me what you think of both the content and design........Thanks!

This flyer both sides are located here:
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My reply here is purely my opinion based on the current look flyer and is intended to be constructive and not offensive. I am starting my reply with that purely because i think it certainly needs to be worked on an improved.

First of all, can i get an idea of how big the flyer will be? is it double sided or just the one side? A4? A5?

A flyer to me typically would be A5 and double sided, it all depends on how you plan on distributing it. So, my reply is based on it being a one sided A5 flyer.

When i look at an A5 flyer i prefer to see it designed with the document intended to be read in the portrait position rather than landscape so immediately i'd be tempted to make the text a major influence on the flyer. You want to get to the point as quick as you can or you may risk losing interest. Take for example the "watch family, employees, customers or would-be criminals" text, i would completely scrap that from the flyer. You don't want to give off the impression that your cameras are ideal for spying when in reality you want to focus primarily on the crime prevention side of things.

If i were to design that i'd be tempted to shunt the text box to the middle of the document, i'd widen it to approximately 75% of the page width and 55% of the page height. I'd have the logo at the top above the text box and have a background image such as the camera you have there. The other camera images are clearly there just to fill in the gaps, so i am slightly confused as to why you have the space at the right hand side...i even tried to figure out if that was going to be one side of the document and the other side was the text but then i realised the logo spans the full lenght of the document.

To be honest, i really would like to draft something up for you to work on further, but i don't have the time to do it now and i'm going to be away all day tomorrow. If i get round to it i'll post and reply here.

Hopefully you'll get this message and can reply to my earlier questions.

Welcome to Ozzu by the way.
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First thoughts upon seeing the flyer; overwhelmed, too busy, all the text lumped together looked crowded and too much to read so I didn't (Im lazy, like most people), did a fine job on using all your white space (j/k not good), leave some room for the eyes to breath and relieve the pressure of reading a document instead of an advertisement, and margins & bleeds. Margins and bleeds can and will vary depending on your printer (as in Print Person and/or Company) and their template. You can figure that about 1/4" around the flyer will be cut off.
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I think it needs to be spread over evenly and toned down a bit a little distracting from your main point just my opinon, ;)

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