Newbie with basic question about Adobe Image ready 2.0

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Auto Cad person here getting involved in editing tiffs files in Adobe Image ready 2.0. My question will be very basic to most members I am sure. :oops: I have a Adobe file which I need to edit and can't get the slice tool to work. I can slice around the part of the file with the slice tool but can't seem to delete it from the rest of the file. I also need to move around other pieces of the file to different locations and can't seem to do this either. Looking forward to being on the forum here with more knowledgeable people then I in this disclipline, TIA, houstonvett
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The slice tool is used for defining parts of an image in order to output them, usually for the web.

You may like to use the rectangular marquee tool (near top of toolbox) to copy and paste an area into a new document. Or maybe the crop tool to get rid of the surrounding area.

Regarding moving things around, you may find that this is a little tricky if it's a flat file with no layers defined (look in the help section on layers if you're confused). But you could potentially select part of the image with the rectangular marquee tool again, and then drag it with the pointer tool.

Also consider using Photoshop instead of ImageReady unless you need ImageReady's web functionality - Photoshop is easier to use in my opinion.

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