Photo copyright on a large scale:

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Hello.. ive never actually posted in this forum i dont think lol... anyway i took like 800 pictures... i need them all to says:

Jefferson High: at the bottom right of the photos... is there a way in photoshop or some program to have it autamaticly put it there cause it would take forever for me to go through all these pics and do it>

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Yes, wait, Im going to have to open up my shop to explain this one, gimmie a sec...Still there? OK, here is what you are going to have to do.

Open of the pictures.

You will need to record an action(s). Lets set that up first.

1. Select new action and name it "copyright". and click record
2. Now type the copyright info.
3. Position the text
4. Flatten image
5. stop recording action
6. Close image, but do not save

Now, let's go to batch automation. File>Automate>Batch...

You should see a box at the top that says this:

Set: Defualt Actions
Action: copyright

Below that you should see this:

Source: Folder

Use the choose button to select the folder containing all the images you want to add the copyright to.

Below that is another box that says:

Destination: Save and Close

Last is this:

Errors: Log errors to file

Make sure you log errors to file or it will stop all actions everytime it encounters a problem, if any, and you will have to sit there and monitor the whole procedure to make sure it doesn't.

Now your ready, just click ok and it will automatically go through every picture repeating the recorded actions until it goes through all 800 images. It's still going to take some time but at least you wont have to sit there and manually do all the repetitive opening, clicking, and closing. Good luck.
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Nice.. I've been looking for that 2..

Big ups!
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Here's a flash video tutorial of what OriginNO_II said. Scroll down to 4. Real-World Actioneering" for the tutorial.

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