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I'd like to recreate the image here:

Does any know how the blurred edge to each image in the circle was acheived in photoshop?

Overall, I assume the image was created in Photoshop using a batch process - something like inverse circle - then cut - then the blurred edge effect.

Lastly, it it possible to mass import images into a single .psd - or can this again be acheived by batch commands?

Grateful for any suggestions


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This would probably get more attention in the graphic design forum. In any case, there is no blurred edge effect necessary to blur the edges. In Photoshop, start with the circular marqee tool and feather your selection. Select your content, invert selection, delete. You'll see that what remains has a feathered (blurred) edge. Alternatively, if you want the selected content blurred as well, you could apply a Gaussian Blur to it. Photoshop's preview window will show you the result of your applied filter before you accept the changes. Finally, you can use the blur tool (shaped like a teardrop) to manually and selectively blur your content.

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What you can do is select the image and make a feather effect. To do this, select on your BOX SELECT tool, at the top you will see a place to enter the FEATHER amount, this is 0 by default. Make it 15 and then select your object, then go to SELECT>INVERSE and press Backspace. It will make a box around the object.

I went through that kind of quick, hope that works for you. (BTW that is just for one image and for the box, if you want to do it like a circle, use the eliptical select tool)

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