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I just got a quastion:
When I use 1024*768 size picture and I choose example (84 pt) font size, it's just doesn't go bigger then 72? Is there any way that I can make the font bigger?
Other quastion which is not really font subject:
How can I wash 2 picture together, I mean it's need to looks like that 2 picture is 1..
Sorry about my english!
Thanks a lot! Adam,
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Well you can do one of two things really.

Make sure bounding box is selected and then hold in shift and resize the text just as you would an image.


You can go under the 'Windows' drop down list select 'Character' -> the character tool panel should open and there you will be able to type in a number greater than 72.

For your second question....
This is a little more tricky. You need to have the images overlap by at least a half inch.
set your canvas size to be the width of both images added together
let's say layer 1 is going to be on the left and layer 2 on the right
Image on layer 1 will be the image behind layer 2
Drop the opacity on layer 2 to about 50%
now nudge layer 2 to the left until the section that ovelaps layer 1 looks crisp. (you may also have to nudge up or down until it looks right)
select the left most quarter inch of layer 2
go to the 'modify' drop down select feather and set it to 15 or so.
then hit delete.
this will result in a relatively unoticed blend from layer 1 to layer 2
set you opacity on layer 2 back to 100%
if you notice that any colors are incorrect you will have to select one of the two layer and play with its levels.
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that's weird, I've def. used 110 font size and it's worked, lol.

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