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Does anyone know what legal precautions should be taken when posting pictures of people on your website? I am setting up a photo gallery on my website..Basically people will be aloud to upload
pictures of themselves(fully clothed!)...Besides placing some type of disclaimer on the site, what else should do?
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the best thing to do, is use an honor system, as it's really the only thing
you can do.

what i mean, trust that the user is going to own that picture, or at least
have permission to use it. You are not protected by any disclaimer in the
court of law, as the photographer actually owns those pics.

You really don't have too much to worry about, especially if the pics are
taken in "public."

However, given your question, I seriously doubt you are going to have
many problems. Most people just ask to take it down if they don't want
their pic up. Simply oblige and remove it.
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:oops: leave you work blank or just put a caracter into your work a king of copyright , but i think that the best way as have said Unflux is the honor way someone who is copying is not a design or he will never became one cause he don't & will never creat ! :!: :evil:

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