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Since this is a really friendly and open-minded forum, we won't have too
many rules. However, we all felt there should be a few in place to help
maintain the quality of our posts and community.
    No posts linking to Warez/Cracks/Sponsors etc.
    They will be removed immediately without warning.

    1. File Size - Please don't post any images larger than 640px wide, or
    larger than 200kb. Simplyplace a link to it so as not to blow up and distort
    ozzu's tables or slow down the page load.

    2. Linking to Images - Link to images that are large (both in file size and
    in dimension), or if they contain something that you think others would
    find inappropriate. PLEASE give warnings of nudity, etc.

    3. Nudity - Lets keep the forum pg-rated ok?

    But if you must, please do so with a link, no hotlinking or uploading, and
    as long as they are in good taste. Please be sure to make a clear
    notation that your image contains nudity so we don't have anyone
    viewing the pic without knowing.

    Any images in question will simply be removed without warning.

    4. Criticism - Don't reply with 1 word comments like "looks good,"
    or "It sucks." Take some time to review the piece, and then either give
    an honest, positive criticism or comment, or please don't reply.
    Any overly negative comments will be removed immediately.

    If you see something you dislike about the image, instead of saying
    something crude and mean like "it sucks" you should post constructive
    criticism on what you dislike and why you dislike it, and if possible, a way
    they could change it to make it look better.

    5. Specific Questions - Please make your question concise and
    clear. Don't post questions like, " I need help. Can you do it for me?
    Thanks." Save us all time and effort by reading through the help files
    and manuals to learn the basics, then feel free to come here and ask
    specific questions.

If anyone would like to suggest a new rule, simply PM me with your
request. All suggestions will be considered.

Thanks and please enjoy OZZU!

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