Schizophrenia ... help???

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Im doing a project on Schizophrenia disorder and im trying to create awareness on the stigma that is attached to this disorder and information with a visual experience ..
what im trying to do is to provoke / evoke the audience into seeing into the suffering of this disorder in another perspective (as most sites are text based and not much visuals to stimulate)

The contents would be:
1. Introduction of Schizophrenia
2. Overview of Schizophrenia disorder
3. Signs and symptoms of disorder
4. Outline of psychosis
5. Diagnosis of Schizophrenia
6. Treatments and medication

I have done some designs but not sure if it is suitable for the outcome but I will upload it soon.!

But i do have some questions:?

1) I was wondering if there are examples I could look through about expressing 'emotions' with typography. (i've been looking with brody and carson samples) bit lost in typo visuals but need more ideas.

2) If there is other design approach i can explore on creating a visual experience of this project~!

Well, thanks.. and i'll be back soon~!
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My initial thought is contrast.

Maybe look at extreme changes of leading, weight, tracking, size, colour, angle etc.

Looking forward to seeing your designs so far.
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have you done any random research c/o google.. using words such as

typography schitzophrenia

I did something similar for a school project.

concept : inside my mime. I used typography for contrasting words to reflect the inner dilema.
a photography shot of a mime.. ripping inside his own head to unleash another mime.. etc etc

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