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Greetings dear folks of Ozzu!

I apologise if i posted this in wrong section, but after looking around i couldnt find a better place to put this in.

For as long as i can remember myself, i wanted to be able to draw stuff. I wouldnt even care much about drawing for others, if i could draw at least for myself. I am a dreamer person, someone who needs to find a way to put his inner world onto something, be it a drawing, a story, or something else. Unfortunately due to some poor choices or other issues, i was never able to actually start drawing (apart from stickmen) and this whole issue was successfully forgotten.

Recently, however, it was like a small switch in my head going from one position to another. I stopped doing some things, i changed my outlook on life - and i started to draw.
Im a fan of a cartoon (of which you all probably heard of before, MLP:FIM, dont judge please), and while browsing some of the forums i found a small guide onto how to draw a character from that cartoon. Nothing serious, a few circles here, a curve there, etc. Being bored, i decided to give it a go. And i liked it.
In fact, i liked it so much that i kept drawing. I bought myself a tablet (Bamboo Pen & Touch), i familiarised myself a bit with some programs, and kept drawing. And, so far, even though im kind of terrible compared to "real" artists (then again, what to expect? Ive been drawing for... less than 2 weeks? Ofc im terrible ^^), i still love this, and i want to keep improving myself.

The reason im posting, however, is because i wanted to ask people's opinion in regards to how exactly i should keep improving myself. As an example, lets talk about what i draw now (ponies). The first "guide" showed me how to draw a sideways pony, and now i can draw them somewhat decently, but the moment i try to change an angle, even to something simple, i encounter a lot of issues getting the lineart looking good. In fact, i had to abandon quite a few sketches simply because i had no idea how the arms/legs/etc should look from that angle.
And dont even start me on the face >.<

I look through other people's works. I check the streams of other drawers. I already picked up a few decent techniques, but it still seems like i hit some sort of a roadblock and i just dont know how to get past it. Sure, i can keep drawing sideways, but then i wont learn anything. But i also cant really learn anything if i cant draw other angle, no matter how much i try.

Unfortunately, i am not able to go to an art university (if i knew id love drawing so much ~6 years ago, i would have, but not anymore :( ), so the only option is self-teaching and possibly some short courses. But, issue is, im not at all interested in what 99.9% of these courses offer - painting from life. Im talking about nude models, flexing muscles, floating penises, and such. I honestly couldnt care less about drawing life. I just want to be able to draw animals, cartoons, manga, comics, fantasy setting (dragons ghosts etc), furries, etc. But dont get me wrong - if i need to draw the "life " stuff to learn, i will, i would just prefer not to if given option.

So here comes the question. From where im standing at this moment, what would you recommend i do now, in near future, and in "later" future to better improve my drawing skills?

My current art:
http://13Era.Deviantart.Com (Bewarned, a lot of ponies, and a lot of crappy drawing. Explosive mix)
My current tools: Bamboo Pen&Touch tablet, PaintToolSai for drawing and coloring. (At first used photoshop, because i used it alot for making signatures etc, but didnt like how it behaved for drawing. So switched to Sai instead)
The type of art i do not want to do: "real life paints" - meaning watercolors, oils, colored pencils, etc.
The "content" of art i do not want to do, if i can avoid it - "life" stuff like naked people etc
The type of art i DO want to do: drawing something with pencil or tablet, then coloring it on the computer.
Here are a few examples of what i DREAM about ever being able to draw like. As someone said to me, "keep dreaming!"
(again, warning: A lot of ponies on these links) ... -258734896 Possibly the "simplest" one of these links ... -252044825 ... -258224019 ... -258393087 I really love the detail on this one

and one more link which in my opinion needed a separate space
http: //swaetshrit .deviantart .com/art/Into-Everything-258335513
It is pretty much everything i currently can imagine about me wanting to draw. Its just... perfect. If i can draw something like that, my happyness would overflow twice over.

I do apologise for this "wall of text", and i hope you are understanding towards my pony interest. If you have any at all advice to give me, any tip, any hint, any opinion whatsoever - i will take it eagerly and very appreciatingly. Sorry for making links unclickable, but im not allowed to post URLs here yet.

thank you for reading this

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You should get Photoshop and learn how to use it. I can draw really well, but it is only SO useful. You don't need to be able to draw so much as have technical skill in software(s) and good references. The secret is that any artwork you want to produce is going to be a derivative work of something else - that is you will have a reference or references to create a finished piece.

I suggest you create a folder and start collecting pictures from the internet of what styles of artwork you like and maybe any anatomical pictures you can reference. Use the collected artwork to get an idea of a color scheme and composition you would like to use for your own piece.

Photoshop will allow you to do everything from painting to drawing.

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