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how do i create an image plane
please explain in a very detailed way im new very very new to this program
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Well that is a simple question for me to answer for you..

open max.. click on box go into the top viewport and make a big rectanglel like shape..

look in the front view as you extrude it up.. keep it thin

now you have "an object"

that is your image plane.. you can do the same thing by using "shapes" and making a big rectangle in the FRONT viewport.
but if you use a shape then you have to apply a modifier called Extrude and add any value.. 1 will do

now you have an image plane but it is empty in each case..

press the M key to open the material editor..

look for the word 'DIFFUSE" ON THE PANEL that opens showing you the material editor..

CLICK on that little square box on the right.. a new menu will open.. double click on the word bitmap. now find the file

you want to use as a "map" or just drag any image onto the image plane.!

or just drag and drop any image on that image plane.. and it will appear.. now you need lights to make it visible.

anytime your stuck.. give me a shout..


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