Subtracting Intersections of Complex Shapes in Illustrator

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I'm designing the t-shirt for my high school orchestra in Adobe Illustrator CS5 but I'm having a hard time achieving the effect that I want.

First of all, have the text which says "City High School Orchestra" and behind it is a group of paint splatters (courtesy of *redheadstock on deviantArt). The text and splatters are in white and the shirt is red.

I'm trying to get it so that any parts of the text that overlaps with the paint splatters will be the same color as the shirt. I've tried simply selecting the text and splatters and subtracting from the pathfinder but all it does is delete everything except one blob from the paint splatters.

I've tried creating an outline from the text and making sure that all of the text was inside one solid blob of paint, but it just keeps deleting everything.

Does anyone know how to do what I'm trying to achieve? Thanks for you time.
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I usually start with photoshop when making posters cards and images, if i remember correctly Illustrator is for icons and touch ups( don't quote me on it tho).

But in design i would start with the font and then alter the fonts and work from top layer to bottom layer.

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