Transferring Illustrator CS5 files to Photoshop CS5

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When I 'Place' a CS5 Illustrator text and logo design file into Photoshop CS5 the quality reduces and the image becomes very pixelated. Also the background which should be transparent becomes white when I save the image as a jpeg to be loaded up onto the website. Sorry I'm new to all of this and cant fin the answer in the the Adobe guides.
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Check to see the size of the illustrator text file in pixels. It sounds like the text file is smaller and when converted to Photoshop it rasterizes and therefore isn't a text file and becomes an image. After that i would imagine what you are doing is enlarging this "text" file which is then stretching the original pixels therefore losing it's quality.

Regarding your transparent background, you can only save files into .gif (s) if you want the background to remain transparent. Any other file format will not show as transparent and will go for the default white color instead.

I hope this helps.
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Once you place the illustrator file in Photoshop you get a low resolution preview with the resize/rotate handles until you decide on a size/location/rotation and hit enter. Once you hit enter photoshop will rasterize the file to the documents native resolution. If you go past that step you should get a crip image assuming the stuff your bringing in from Illustrator is actually vector content and not another image file.

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