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Hi All
Below are two images, the second has been modified in Jasc Paint shop pro 8 to give lighting effects that couldn't be done in my chosen medium...acrylic on canvas. I use normal pain brushes. This sort of exercise is a first for me. What I did with this image that portrays among a few things is the Diamond ring stage of a solar eclipse.
I'd like to use this effect for other things too, however.......
The object of my post here is to get by a problem I have so far only managed to tackle with the clone brush scratch remover.
Within the beam I got unwanted spots of light in a line growing in size.
The one closest to the source is still there to be seen, some effect of removing others also to be seen.
What am I doing wrong?
The top image is the original Acrylic on canvas, the bottom the modified one.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well the thing is you're using a lens flare effect. While a neat effect, its a very hard thing to place in the right artwork.

Lens flare typically will have those lines. The one thing you can do to get rid of it is emulate the effect yourself.

However, I know in photoshop of the lens flare effect you'd want. Its the default one.

So one thing I'm thinking is this:

Open your image up.
Create a blank layer above it, make sure its transparent.
Now make sure the TOP layer is selected, then use the lens flare effect.
If there are any lines you do not want, you can go to the eraser tool and erase them without erasing the image below.

If that doesn't work, I suppose you'll have to do it manually with a brush.

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