what would be my movie size (swf to mpeg )

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hi please what would be my swf movie size if i would be converting it to mpeg so i can have a full tv screen display after i convert the swf to mpeg.
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There are too many factors to be able to determin what your file size wil be after conversion. Trial and error... :wink:
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I'm not positive, but I think dhoyin meant dimensions rather than file size. dhoyin, I think dimensions are pretty standard. Did you try looking up the answer to your question first?

From the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center:

At what bitrates is MPEG-2 video optimal ?

The Test subgroup has defined a few examples : "Sweet spot" sampling dimensions and bit rates for MPEG-2: Dimensions Coded rate Comments ------------- ---------- ------------------------------------------- 352x480x24 Hz 2 Mbit/sec Half horizontal 601. Looks almost NTSC (progressive) broadcast quality, and is a good (better) substitute for VHS. Intended for film src. 544x480x30 Hz 4 Mbit/sec PAL broadcast quality (nearly full capture (interlaced) of 5.4 MHz luminance carrier). Also 4:3 image dimensions windowed within 720 sample/line 16:9 aspect ratio via pan&scan. 704x480x30 Hz 6 Mbit/sec Full CCIR 601 sampling dimensions. (interlaced) [these numbers subject to change at whim of MPEG Test subgroup]

More sources:
http://www.deskshare.com/Resources/arti ... t_dvd.aspx
http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/how/ ... flashontv/


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