Which Palette File Formats to Support ?

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Lately I've been looking at sites like Adobe Kuler and Colourlovers.

On that last one there I noticed they've got a half-dozen different palette formats available for download. (You have to be registered to actually download them, but anonymous visitors can still see the options)
Some are text-based formats and some appear to be binary formats.
My level of sophistication when it comes to graphic design amounts to writing JSF commands for Fireworks, I really have little idea what people use palettes for.

Now a project I'm working on saves a history of selected colors & I was thinking it might be nice to have a "Save As Palette" option in the application menu to export a group of selected colors from the selection history as a palette.

My problem is I don't know which palette formats I should support. I can easily check for patterns between multiple palettes of the same format, but if I'm going to add support I'd rather research the format a little better than that & I don't want to research a format that nobody uses.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Too bad this question didn't get much attention! Personally, I'd (and in my pixel editor I actually do) support each palette format offered by ColourLovers. :)
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Now kuler i know well and it has come in great need during the early days working out what to do with a html page....lol

But why would you not just display the color code and if you need to export it expot the color codes to a downloadedable text file or email it back to the consumer.

I would rather the direct color codes to slap right into photoshop/dreamweaver

something to think about but having the info right there within a few clicks is what the consumer wants

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