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I am doing a website for a person who develped a comic strip (like garfield) he creates his strips in "paint: and adds text to his drawings in corel photo paint 10 which he then saves it in the standard format for paint _( cdr) or something like that. now i have to get it on the flash site.
i have tons of programs ( Corel draw, Corel photo, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe photoshop,) when he saves it, it is a large file, and i try to export it in all sorts of different formats and it allways comes out big and when i decrease the sitze freehand in flash it distorts the text and the drawings. please someone help me to take these drawing and drecrease the size of them with out screwing up the quality and tell me what format is best for this job. (im new)
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Wow. I'm really confused about what the heck your talking about.

It sounds like they're in a rasterized format when you get your hands on em. I would open them, export them as 100% quality JPG. (In a raster editor - Photoshop) Open the JPG's, size them, and re-export them - "Save For Web". Then import them into flash.

Here's what I'd rather do though...

I'd rather have the artisit send me two versions of each piece. A black and white line art only version with NO fills at all. and a colored version.

Then, I'd convert the line art into vector (Adobe Streamline, or even in Flash) and then reproduce his color work. Then everything is vectorized and in Flash.

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I think you should import the image to Fireworks or any other, but without any text, just the pain image, then you can add the text on fireworks and you will not lose as much quality as you would by resizing the image with the text.

Because when you import an image into fireworks the text is part of the image and not editable.

Then when you're done just export your image as jpg or gif

If you need furder help, contact me.


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