Access movie clips from a swf library in another swf

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i have a dillema
i have a main movie clip, main.swf;
inside it i load another movie, images.swf (this has 10 images in the library), then i load another movie, magazine.swf,
What i want is to access the library from images.swf inside magazine.swf, in any movie clip from magazine.swf.
Can anyone tell me if that is possibile and if it is, to give me an example of how to do it.
From my knowledge, i know that i can access the library of a movie loaded only in the movie clip that loaded it. So, if i have mc1.loadMovie("images.swf"), then i can attach movies from the library of images.swf only in mc1 and it`s childs, but not in the rest of the mc-s.
So, can anyone give me an idea of how to solve my problem ?

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