Is Action Script really useful in the webmaster market.

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I'm new on web design. I'm from southamerica.
As i'm not a graphic designer i prefer to train me in Web programing.
I'm interested in Action Script.
Some people told me that Flash can handle with all the posibilities of designing and that for this reason Action Script is not really necessary required in the webmaster market.
I'll be happy to listen some experienced words about it.
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Let's see....

To be or not to be?

First of all, let's look at the market for the "webmaster"... What do you need to know? Java? JavaScript? Maybe some VB Script? Or do you want to go all the way to .NET???

Now, if you happen to know JavaScript or any of the other cousins, what would be the problem using (or learning, for that matter) ActionScript?

So long...
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It's possible to put together decent animations & such without knowing a bit of Actionscript.
When you get into application oriented Flash movies (shopping carts, hotel reservations, message boards, ect.. ) you can get by with components from various places, but knowing Actionscript will allow you to create better customized applications as well as making changes/adjustments easier down the road.

Remember, most components are made with the majority in mind, there may be alot going on in a component that you don't need for an application which is wastefull in the long run.

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