Actionscript Help for a newbie. (movie within a movie btn)

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Ok, so I'm a real newbie to Flash. I'm not a programmer and actionscript is really new to me. (And somewhat hard for me to grasp) I'm taking a course in school on Flash and we learned how to load a movie within a movie (like a movie player with .swf files loaded into the main movie).

My question is, if I'm making a movie player, with a movie loading within a movie clip (a swf file), how do I incoroporate a forward and back button to load the next movie in sequence with actionscript. I'm sure it requires an 'if' or something, but I have not learned how to do this yet. This particular movie is an instructional presentation, so I have buttons that allow the user to load the mini-movies within the main timeline in a step-by-step process. However, I want to allow the user to go back and forward in the steps at will and make sure the forward/back buttons know which movie is currently loaded to do so.

I hope that makes sense.. let me know if doesn't. I would appreciate any help. I have tried finding this information other forums and tutorial sites, but am having a hard time finding something so specific.

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