Actionscript Preloader issues.

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I've gone over this code a million times, yet I cannot find out whats wrong with it. I'm trying to install a basic preloader..

Code: [ Select ]

if (loadedbytes == totalbytes) {
    gotoAndPlay (4);
  1. loadedbytes=getBytesLoaded();
  2. totalbytes=getBytesTotal();
  3. if (loadedbytes == totalbytes) {
  4.     gotoAndPlay (4);
  5. }

When I open up the movie online it goes to the 4th frame and waits till the movie loads and then plays. It's very weird. Am I missing something here?
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try this ... ... ndex.shtml
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yeah, yer missing a couple of things actually.

that script you wrote should be on, say, frame 2.

on frame 3, put:
Code: [ Select ]

this way, if loadedbytes is not = to totalbytes, it goes back and checks again before moving on to frame 4. got it?

make sure, in your publish settings, you've got it set to actionscript 2.0 and set the export frame to 4 (that way, it doesn't have to load everything to start play frames 1-3)...

hope that helps.

peace and blessings.

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