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Hi everyone!

First of all, I'm sorry for a, probably, dumb :roll: question, but I'm new to action script.... all I did in flash was a few banners with simple movements, tweens and transparency transitions. Now I have something in mind that needs some actionscripting, which I'm not quite familiar with. Hence, I really need some pro help, because I'm fighting with this for 3 or 4 days :hmm:
Here's what I wanted to do: I wanted to draw a map (Russia) with some dots on it, representing the dealerships of our company. Since there is am increased density of dealerships in some regions, there are too many dots, so there's no way I could place a city name there (they would be one over another). So I thought I could make the dots increase onRollOver and decrease onRollOut, which I managed to do. What I can't do is to make the corresponding city name come out of nowhere when clicking on the dot.
I made an Array, which looks like this:
Code: [ Select ]
var cities:Array = [{buttName:"mos", cityName: "Moscow"}, ...

[by the way, the city names are written in Russian, so as far as I understand, there might be a problem with this too, since action script is not quite good with cyrillic encoding...]
where buttName is the name of the instance of the dot, and cityName is the city name, which, as I wanted it, would create an instance of a movieclip and replace the text with something like this:
Code: [ Select ]
mc.text = cities[this].cityName

But nothing works... So you, guys, are my last resort. I unfortunately don't have friends who know what ActionScriptactually means :), so....
I'd really appreciate your help... Thanks!

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