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Jai a problem on a website where I work that uses flash and xml file. On each page a different image appears in the display, however, is when I run the site and a page jaccède the first image displayed is correct but then cest always the same image that appears in the display. Below the script, if somebody could please maider...

Party & Action script #058;

Creating the function:

getCurrentImageName function (ImageNumber)
sectionNum = getXmlSection (mainObj, "Section", "pages");
currentPage = _root.link - _root.firstPageFrame;
imageParams = new Array ();
imageParamsname = mainObj.section [sectionNum]. page [currentPage]. image [ImageNumber]. ImageUrl;
imageParams.linkToOpen = mainObj.section [sectionNum]. page [currentPage]. image [ImageNumber]. link;
imageParams.target = mainObj.section [sectionNum]. page [currentPage]. image [ImageNumber]. target;
return (imageParams);

And here's the script in my xml file:

<page name=" propos">
<image ImageUrl = "_pic1. png "link =" asfunction: link "/> / / Image to display for this 1st page

<page name="Activités">
<image imageUrl="_pic2.png" link="asfunction:link"/> / / Image to display for this 2nd page

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