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I'm using flash mx on MacOSX

I have made a short 10sec animation - and I want it to play ONCE on mouse over

I have referred to the user manual but can't find anything specific

any ideas?

thanx in advance

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set the animation as a movieclip in your library.

open up the animation's movieclip from the library and make sure it has a keyframe with the script
Code: [ Select ]

in the last frame (So it only plays once)

now, set up your button.
insert>new symbol
in the "up" state, drag your static icon (or whatever you want the unmouseovered button to look like) onto the stage.
create a new keyframe in the "over" state
delete your static icon from "over"
drag your movieclip onto the stage whereever you want it to be.

now, on the main area of your flash document, drag your button to wherever you want it to be.


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