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Most of the flash effects that I come across on the net are done in Actionscript mixed with some complex animation, however having all the actionscript books and flash program tutorials I have read, I haven't really come across any that teach flat out animation in flash

so does anyone have any usefull resources?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well because when it comes to flat out animation, it's basically just doing it. Once you learn the basics like keyframes, tweens, masks, and motion guides (all of these subjects covered pretty well in the Flash help files) it all just goes from there on how you use it.
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if you mean cartoon like animation then there is a great book by a couple of ex-disney animators:

Kevin Peaty and Glenn Kirkpatrick
Friendsofed press.

I just got another one, and it seems pretty good, though i have just started reading it:

Animating with Flash MX, professional creative animating techniques
Alex Michael
Focal Press

I also just finished a gret book on actionscript in general.

Macromedia Flash Advanced
Russell Chun with Joe Garraffo
Macromedia Press - Peachpit Press

and like lostinbeta said, you just need to do it. search the web, maybe use the search term "open source" flash, actionscritp, help, tutorials, etc.

Find something you like, see how they did it, and then do something similar yourself to sink the skill into long-term memory. repeat as necessary.

the open source is good because its a community that shares the .fla source code for their files.

if you like math and stuff, there is some good stuff on gravity and friction here

and really cool stuff here:

click on open source below his banner image. Then click on one of the thumbnails to view the flash, and if you like it, just click download source to get the .fla for it.

hope that helps

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