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I need to turn an XML file into an array in order to place it in the data grid component

This is waht I have in the xml file

<week date="YYYY/MM/DDA a YYYY/MM/DDB">10000</week>
<week date="YYYY/MM/DDB a YYYY/MM/DDC">20000</week>
<week date="YYYY/MM/DDC a YYYY/MM/DDD">30000</week>
<week date="YYYY/MM/DDD a YYYY/MM/DDE">40000</week>
<week date="YYYY/MM/DDE a YYYY/MM/DDF">50000</week>
<weeka date="YYYY/MM/DDO a YYYY/MM/DDP">100</weeka>
<weeka date="YYYY/MM/DDP a YYYY/MM/DDQ">200</weeka>
<weeka date="YYYY/MM/DDQ a YYYY/MM/DDR">300</weeka>
<weeka date="YYYY/MM/DDR a YYYY/MM/DDS">400</weeka>
<weeka date="YYYY/MM/DDS a YYYY/MM/DDT">500</weeka>

Eventually I need the array to populate the Datagrid component and generate a graph with the B-Line component

I reaally would appreciate any help.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

When you bring XML data into Flash it automatically gets parsed into an array.

If you don't know how to work with XML data in Flash, I would recommend reading Senoculars XML tutorials over at

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